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You'll get access to all MasterCourses, MiniCourses,
5 Minute Fridays and Workshops.


Dive deep into the basics of cake baking & decorating with my MasterCourses, which break down processes and techniques into manageable steps and demonstrate them on LOTS of cakes to show you different ways to use them!


Get inspired with cake designs broken down into four easy-to-follow steps. You'll get a list of tools and materials for each one and throughout the MiniCourse I'll share ideas to vary or elaborate on the design.

Ask me Anything

Ask me any questions in the comments section below every video. I'll be notified so I can answer straight away!

"The step-by-step method of teaching is simple and easy to follow. You explain everything, let us know how to fix mistakes, and the cakes always look beautiful. Thank you." - Teresa, Ireland

"Almost everything I've learned about cake decorating has come from your videos. They took me from passionate home baker to a level where I can now sell my cakes and people rave over them. I am forever grateful! 🙏" - Michele Wells, Sweet Thing Bakery, Ontario, Canada

"So well presented. The close up of the work is so helpful. The instructions are spot on and so easy to follow." - David, Houston, Texas

Why Join the Cake Club?

Every technique in the MasterCourses and MiniCourses is filmed step by step in close up detail, so that everything looks just the way it will when you use the techniques yourself.

The instructions are highly detailed but concise, explaining and showing you everything you need to know.

You'll see unedited cake decorating too, in the 5 Minute Fridays and Workshops, demonstrating the whole process AND pointing out any mistakes along the way, showing how to fix them, too!


The Cake Club is for you if:

  • You want to improve and understand the steps of making cakes, from start to finish

  • You want to learn new cake decorating techniques and designs

  • You want to learn who to troubleshoot any issues you run into while you're making cakes


Did you know you can bundle the Cake Club with the Layer Up program with the All You Can Cake membership, which gives you access to EVERYTHING on the cake school?

Hi! I'm Emily!

I have over 12 years of cake decorating experience, from baking for fun to opening a cake shop, managing other cake shops, and teaching cake decorating to over 20,000 students on my online cake school and almost a million people on YouTube and social media. 

I’ve taught myself almost everything I know about cake decorating so I’ve experimented to find the simplest ways to achieve amazing results, without needing to invest in lots of expensive cake decorating tools. 

My passion is sharing my knowledge and skills and experience with others, so that they can get the same joy out of decorating cakes that I do. I can't wait to help you take your cake decorating skills to the next level!