How much can you cake??

Take a deep dive into baking and cake decorating with this membership, which includes access to EVERYTHING on my cake school.

Layer Up Program

Progress through three Layers (levels) of skills and techniques in this program, taking your cake decorating from beginner to professional!

Start with the foundations and build on them to create gorgeous designs. Learn hundreds of techniques (without investing in lots of expensive tools) including mastering piping, working with chocolate and wafer paper, and creating tier cakes, mini cakes and shaped cakes.


Take in-depth MasterCourses on baking and cake decorating to learn hundreds of techniques in step by step detail.

Perfect the foundation of your cakes with The Basics of Cake, master buttercream with The Basics of Buttercream, improve your cake pics with Cake Photography Like a Pro, and develop your cake decorating skills and repertoire with 50 Easy Cake Decorating Techniques and 30 Minute Cake Decorating.


Learn how to create specific cake designs, all taught in around 15 minutes and broken down into 4 easy-to-follow steps.

Replicate these designs or use them as inspiration for your own cakes, following suggestions within each MiniCourses of how to adapt or elaborate the techniques and designs.

5 Minute Fridays

In these quick videos I share and demonstrate cake tips or techniques, which you can learn in just 5 Minutes!

These videos are exclusive to members.

Ask me any questions in the comments or request a topic for another 5 Minute Friday!

Live Sessions and Q&As

Join me live as I demonstrate a technique, showing every step of the process and troubleshooting any issues that arise along the way!

Ask any questions you have about the technique or about cake decorating or share your screen if you'd like advice or feedback on a cake you're struggling with.

Private Members-Only Group

Interact with other members in our members-only Facebook group. Participate in competitions, share photos of your progress, and ask for advice, feedback and ideas.

Share photos of your cake creations for a chance to be featured in the British Girl Bakes newsletter and instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts! Just post your photos in the comments below each video or on the Facebook group and I'll contact you for permission to share!

"The step-by-step method of teaching is simple and easy to follow. You explain everything, let us know how to fix mistakes, and the cakes always look beautiful. Thank you." - Teresa, Ireland

"Almost everything I've learned about cake decorating has come from your videos. They took me from passionate home baker to a level where I can now sell my cakes and people rave over them. I am forever grateful! 🙏" - Michele Wells, Sweet Thing Bakery, Ontario, Canada

"So well presented. The close up of the work is so helpful. The instructions are spot on and so easy to follow." - David, Houston, Texas

See what's included with All You Can Cake!

Why choose British Girl Bakes?

Every technique is filmed step by step in close up detail, so that everything looks just the way it will when you use the techniques yourself.

The instructions are highly detailed but concise, explaining and showing you everything you need to know.

Instead of editing out my mistakes, I'll show you when things go wrong, showing you how to fix it in case it happens to you and explaining what to do to avoid it!


Choose a monthly membership or pay yearly and you'll get two months FREE!

Note: You will not be billed today for the free All You Can Cake membership trial. You will only be billed at the end of the trial if you choose not to cancel.

All You Can Cake is for you if:

  • You want to improve and understand the steps of making cakes from start to finish

  • You want to learn new cake decorating techniques and designs

  • You want to impress your friends and family with professional-looking cakes OR you want to grow your cake business, get more orders, increase your prices and gain followers on social media

Hi! I'm Emily!

I have over 12 years of cake decorating experience, from baking for fun to opening a cake shop, managing other cake shops, and teaching cake decorating to over 20,000 students on my online cake school and almost a million people on YouTube and social media. 

I’ve taught myself almost everything I know about cake decorating so I’ve experimented to find the simplest ways to achieve amazing results, without needing to invest in lots of expensive cake decorating tools. 

My passion is sharing my knowledge and skills and experience with others, so that they can get the same joy out of decorating cakes that I do. I can't wait to help you take your cake decorating skills to the next level!