Cake decorating should be fun!

If you're looking for online courses to improve your baking and cake decorating skills, learn new techniques, and find inspiration with unique cake designs, you've come to the right place.
With ten years of cake decorating experience and a background in teaching, I'm passionate about breaking down processes and techniques into manageable steps to make cake decorating more approachable.

What will you find in my courses?
- Detailed, step-by-step instruction
- Close-up video demonstrations
- Stunning cake designs and fun techniques
- Transparency - I’ll show you mistakes I make and how to fix or avoid them!

Here you'll find in depth MasterCourses on different techniques as well as short, 15 minute MiniCourses teaching how to create specific cake designs.
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"The step-by-step method of teaching is simple and easy to follow. You explain everything, let us know how to fix mistakes, and the cakes always look beautiful. Thank you." - Teresa, Ireland


MasterCourses teach various techniques in great depth with demonstrations on several cakes, showing the step by step process but also variations so that you can use the technique to create your own unique masterpieces.

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"Almost everything I've learned about cake decorating has come from your videos. They took me from passionate home baker to a level where I can now sell my cakes and people rave over them. I am forever grateful! 🙏" - Sweet Thing Bakery, Ontario, Canada



MiniCourses teach fun, unique designs and techniques that look impressive but are secretly simple to decorate, once you know how. Each MiniCourse breaks down the cake decorating process into four steps and also provides a list of all of the tools and materials you'll need.

Learn everything you need to know to create these cakes yourself with 15 minutes of detailed, concise video modules!

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"Emily has a knack for being thorough and still moving through the material at a good pace. Nothing remains mysterious. You know how to do every technique. My first two cakes came out great... I just watched the videos and then created my cake." - Anne L.


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Learn how to decorate your cakes with 10 stunning frosting techniques, from smooth ombre to textured, watercoloured, and carved frosting. Each of these techniques can stand alone or be used together for more elaborate designs.

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