Private Classes

Struggling to get perfectly smooth frosting?

Neat buttercream stripes?

Pretty piping?

Bring me your biggest cake struggles and let's tackle them together!

It's your turn!

In a private class YOU choose what to learn and at what pace.

If you want to spend an hour perfecting your technique for smooth frosting - fine! Or if you prefer a whirlwind tour through ten different techniques, that's fine too!

So pick up your offset spatula, frosting smoother, or piping bag, and let's decorate a cake together!

How does it work?

In a private class YOU pick the technique(s) and YOU choose the way you want to learn:

I can watch you decorate, sharing tips and tricks along the way and pointing out where and how you could make improvements


I can decorate a cake at the same time as you, demonstrating each step of the process and then watching you decorate, offering advice and pointers along the way.

Tell me below what you want to learn and after you sign up you'll choose a date and time for your class.

What can you learn?

Here are a few examples of techniques I've taught and how long it's taken but this is YOUR class so we can do exactly what you'd like to do!

Smooth frosting (1 hour)

Piped flowers (1 hour)

Making and colouring buttercream and adjusting consistency (1 hour)

Striped buttercream (2 hours)

Acetate transfers (2 hours)

Before your class...

Please fill out this form to help me prepare for your class:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my private class?

When you purchase the class I'll send you an email so you can choose a date and time.

Can I purchase more than one private class?

Absolutely! Private classes are available in one or two hour sessions and in the section above you'll find some examples of techniques that can be covered in those time frames. If you'd like help with more techniques than can be covered in one of those sessions, you're welcome to book more than one private class. And if any other cake struggles come up in the future I'd love to help you with them, too!

Are private classes refundable?

Private classes are non-refundable but I'm so confident that you'll enjoy it AND learn what you're hoping to learn, that I'll offer you a second private class FREE if you're not satisfied with the first one.

Can you teach me....?

If you want to chat about options for your private cake class please send me an email: [email protected]