Want to develop your cake skills?

Dive deep into the basics of cake baking & decorating with my online courses, which break down processes and techniques into manageable steps and demonstrate them on LOTS of cakes to show you different ways to use them!

Looking for cake inspiration?

With new classes added monthly, you'll find new designs, techniques, and ideas to inspire your own cake creations!

Want to see the real life, unedited version of cake decorating?

Join me for live online cake demonstrations where I show you the full process of decorating cakes from start to finish, including solutions to any mishaps that might happen along the way!

Have cake questions you need answers to?

Ask me in live Q&A sessions! Baking, cake decorating, video creation, cake business struggles... I've been doing this for ten years and I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you!

"The step-by-step method of teaching is simple and easy to follow. You explain everything, let us know how to fix mistakes, and the cakes always look beautiful. Thank you." - Teresa, Ireland

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What's included?

ClubPLUS membership includes all of my classes AND courses, as well as live online demonstrations and Q&A sessions for members only.

What's the difference between classes and courses? Read on to find out.


Classes teach fun, unique designs and techniques that look impressive but are secretly simple to decorate, once you know how. Each class is broken down into separate modules for each step of the process with an additional module outlining all of the tools and materials you'll need. Learn everything you need to know to create these cakes yourself with 15 minutes of detailed, concise video modules!


Courses are broader and more in depth than classes. They teach various techniques that are demonstrated on several cakes, showing the step by step process but also variations so that you can use the technique to create your own unique masterpieces. See below for all of the courses on my cake school.

Live Demos and Q&A Sessions

Vote for your favourite cake designs and watch me decorate them LIVE, complete with all of the bloopers! I'll show you what happens when something doesn't go exactly to plan and what the options are to get things back on track. You can ask any questions you have during these interactive demonstrations or in live Q&A sessions, both for members only.

"So well presented. The close up of the work is so helpful. The instructions are spot on and so easy to follow." - David, Houston, Texas

What are students saying about membership?

"I enjoy the simplicity and the fact that you share any mishaps and remedies." - Karen, USA

"Interesting, detailed, well explained, inspiring" - Ileane, Romania

"The classes are very clear and easy to follow" - Veronica

"Simply amazing. Very easy to understand. Thank you" - Damilola, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I am so glad to be a club member:) Thanks so much for the detailed yet pretty concise tutorials. I’ve learned so much from it, gives me that confidence to try out new techniques and what to expect." - Prachi, Houston, Texas

"Emily's courses are probably the best that I have seen. Her communication with simple but needed details for the beginner is really implicit. Things like the angle to hold your tools and other details necessary. Emily really explains technique very well." - Erin, Calgary, Canada


Join the ClubPLUS

Choose between a monthly or annual membership


Join the ClubPLUS monthly


Join the ClubPLUS annually

Pay for 11 months, get the 12th month free!